One Hour and 15 Minute Ride!
  No experience necessary.  
  Beginners always welcome!
Regular Trail Rides:    $35 Weekdays     $45 Weekends/Holidays   
Yes, we are still open!  We offer a very low-risk activity for getting out of the house, with natural "social distancing" and all private (your group only) rides at this time.  Plus it supports the feeding of the horses in this time of crisis.     
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We have Draft Horses

for Riders 220--350 lbs!!! 

($10 extra)

Mount your steed and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Santa Ana River Valley.  Meander down enchanting trails gracefully shaded by native California trees and plants.  Ride alongside the peaceful Santa Ana River. Even see a bit of our special Norco neighborhood where almost everyone has horses in their backyard--that's why it's called HorseTown USA.

Looking for quality time with your child or teen?  Something to do together that you would both enjoy?  Horseback riding is the answer!  It is not easy to find a good, wholesome activity that you can do with your child teen that they will actually like doing.  This is it!


Looking for a special way to celebrate that birthday or anniversary?  A trail ride sure beats a new tie or perfume!  Give the lasting gift of a new adventure.

About Western Trails Horseback Riding

(Of the horses, by the horses, for the horses.)

Western Trails LLC, which used to be a family business from about 2007-2017, is now 100% owned by the Western Trails Horse Retirement Irrevocable Trust Fund, established in 2017 to provide for the pasture retirement in Montana of the Western Trails horses.  Seven retired horses have already retired in Montana, and they are loving it.  Another seven will be going to their retirement within the next few months.   

Draft Horses!!!       

      We have big horses for big people!

      Or for people who just like to ride big horses!

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